Best Restaurants in Arizona

Are you a foodie? Do you like to taste different types of cuisines? In that case, we at Go to Go Restaurants have some of the best dishes to offer you; especially if you are from Arizona or Phoenix. It is a chain of restaurants and is known for delicious quality and taste. What kind of food do you prefer? Italian, Continental, Mexican; Go to Go has it all for you. They are relatively new to this domain and over a short period of time have managed to emerge as one of the leading names; thanks to our commitment to render high-quality services.

What Makes Go To Go Special?

There are many reputed and best restaurants in Arizona and Phoenix, then why choose them? This is a very relevant question to ask. Well, there are a couple of reasons as to why we are your one-stop destination, when it comes to cuisine of best quality. The following points might convince you,

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  • Authentic Cuisine: Whether you are looking for Chinese, Italian or Indian cuisine, you can find the authentic dishes with us. We understand that people come to a restaurant to satisfy their appetite for tasty food, and that’s why we have made sure that every single dish that we serve have the flavor of authenticity in it
  • Taste: If you are looking for taste, in that case, we have are one of the best. Our dishes are prepared using the best ingredients available and what makes us so special is the fact that we have some of the best chefs working for us
  • Home Delivery: If you don’t want to take the trouble of coming down to our restaurant and yet wish to taste our cuisines, in that case, we have the provision for home delivery. All that you need to do is to visit our website, select your menu and place an order online. It will be delivered to you on no time
  • Quality Food: Quality First” has been our mantra ever since we have started our operations. If you are looking for best quality cuisine which are devoid of any kinds of harmful ingredients and chemicals, then we have exactly what you are looking for
  • Reasonable Price: This is another important fact that has helped us to make a mark in a very short period of time. At Go to Go Restaurants, you can get the best quality cuisines of different types at a very reasonable price. Our restaurant is meant for people from all sections of the society.

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Go to Go Restaurants is one the prime destinations for foodies of Arizona and Phoenix. We are chain of multi-cuisine restaurant and over a period of time have made a name for ourselves as one of the best brands when it comes to quality food.

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The best restaurants in Arizona

Go to Go Restaurants, one of the best restaurants in Arizona and Phoenix also prepare customized dishes. They would prepare a dish for you based on your preferences in terms of ingredients and other requirements. Thus, whether there will be any party like birthday or marriage anniversary celebration or any other, you can bank on them and treat your guests with sumptuous platters. They also offer various attractive packages and deals that can surely make your deal more affordable. Visit us to know what we have in store for you. Find best breakfast take out near by at Restaurants. Also free kids meals on Tuesdays!


Discovering fantastic dining establishments in Phoenix isn’t tricky. I might have rapidly filled a list two times this size with locations I enjoy to consume and choosing where and how to draw the line was abuse.

In the end, however, I chose one single requirement for choosing which dining establishments to consist of: I hope you discover them as exciting as I do.

Al-Hana at Baiz Market

We appropriately lament the Valley’s absence of a rich food-market culture. However, it’s worth keeping in mind the spirit of the world’s spectacular markets is alive in Phoenix, albeit in smaller sized dosages.

All Pierogi Kitchen

If there’s one thing my readers appear to feel they do not have, it’s meat-and-potatoes fare with a little Old-World beauty. It’s here. However it can be a bit tough to discover, and All Pierogi kitchen area is a standout. It’s traumatic how numerous dining establishments around town prepare this kind of food with the grace and ability of an intoxicated elephant, however that just makes it simpler to value a location that gets it.


Zhor Saad virtually runs the dining establishment by herself, which implies supper is exceptional, however it’s going to take a while. Unceremoniously tucked into a market and clothes shop, Alzohour is a location where restaurants can drown in the sultry aroma of Moroccan fare that’s equivalent parts lusty and strong. Not all will value the market-chic environment, however none of that matters when your host prepares whatever with a warm heart, and you \’re lost in a saffron-scented cloud.

Andreoli Italian Grocer

When the Calabrian native worn out of attempting to please the white table linen crowd, he opened Andreoli, a casual area grocery with a couple of tables that serves some of the finest conventional Italian fares in town. Get a loaf of craggy bread, order a best pasta or grilled seafood from the white boards, snag some sticky cornetti marmelatta or crisp, layered sfogliatelle from the pastry case and consider yourself fortunate that such a competent Italian traditionalist calls Scottsdale house.

Asian Hong Kong Diner

Moderately embellished and revealing its age, this strip-mall stalwart makes its effect on the plate; and a dual-menu system makes it the perfect location to relieve novices into the more conventional fare. The black-rimmed American menu functions juicy potstickers, fresh orange beef, and sizzling pepper beef. Meltaway duck is covered in a crisp taro crust; West Lake soup suspends gossamer threads of egg in a smooth broth; braised tofu bubbles in a clay pot with sweet shrimp.

Atlas Bistro

Todd Sawyer’s dining establishment is a chameleon. It’s likewise one of the most dependably outstanding dining establishments in the Valley– a BYOB, to boot– that has actually never ever been much better than it is under the auspices of chef Cory Oppold.

Balkan Bakery

An example of Phoenix’s neighborhood of Bosnian expats, Balkan Pastry shop is a lovely little coffee and bakeshop with simply adequate tables for me to validate calling it a dining establishment. The Osmic household initially opened Balkan Bakeshop a years back, and while a shortlist of typical baked products and sugary foods are strong offerings, it’s the Bosnian specializeds that make Balkan Pastry shop a location.

Barrio Coffee shop

Silvana Salcido Esparza was barely a shy wallflower to start with, however she set off a technicolor bomb of sass, graffiti and local Mexican taste on 16th Street when she opened Barrio Café in 2002. Barrio Café offers the southern and main Mexican states a regional voice.

Barrio Coffee Shop Gran Reserva

Tucked into a small wedge of a dining space with a wraparound view of Grand Opportunity, Gran Reserva is Barrio Café’s stylish cousin, curtained in white table linens and vibrant trompe l’oeil. An a la carte menu reworks numerous of Barrio Café’s biggest hits, however Gran Reserva’s objective is exposed in the menu de degustación, where Mexican fare reaches levels of improvement not seen somewhere else in the Valley.


Now, the popular chef with compulsive focus and puckish propensities has actually turned a Phoenix cottage into his individual cooking play area– and everybody is welcomed. Great dining has actually never ever been so inviting, like a personal supper celebration that begins with a series of modernist amuses on the terrace; relocations into the bar for treats like grilled soppressata chips and confit duck wings; and ends in the dining space with coddled goose eggs, sweet pea agnolotti and entire roasted lamb.

Bitter & Twisted Mixed Drink Parlour

Bob Tam’s menu– a profane foil for Ross Simon’s encyclopedic mixed drink list– isn’t suggested to be taken too seriously, however Tam’s puckish Asian blend developments expose his deep understanding of the underlying foods. The Angry Panda covers crisp peanuts, chiles and dried anchovies in cool lettuce leaves with fresh herbs. The Dragon Dumpling Hamburger is a juicy beef and pork mixture that channels the spirit of xiaolongbao into a hamburger slathered with mayo and Sichuan pickles, total with dipping sauce.

Bourbon Steak

Steakhouses in Phoenix– and the steaks that comprise their menus– tend to shy away from the ritzier end of the spectrum, however if you desire to drop some severe coin on some jaw-dropping beef, Bourbon Steak is the location to be. Exceptional sauces are plentiful and sides reveal a fondness for Asian tastes, like mushrooms plied with white soy and mirin; or a dynamite brief rib fried rice with kimchi and portions of sweet Chinese sausage. It has the high-end rates to match, however, put merely, Bourbon Steak is running at a greater airplane than the rest of the pack.

BP Street Coffee Shop

Roti canai sets thick, oily flatbread with an abundant coconut-based curry sauce for slurping and dipping. Sweet, steamed Hainan chicken is matched with abundant, oil-splashed rice. And char kway teow– a universal crowd-pleaser– is a warm and steaming stir-fry of thick rice noodles in a soothing and sweet soy-based sauce.

The Breadfruit & Rum Bar

Jamaican food is hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop fare, a quarter of intense jerk chicken or slippery stewed oxtails ladled into a to-go container with rice, plantains and beans? Jamaican-born rum sage Dwayne Allen takes a deep dive into his spirit of option, slinging academic flights and outstanding mixed drinks in the relaxing and dark Rum Bar. Scallops scorched in cast iron get a splash of Appleton rum for a sweet, abundant glaze, while vinegary sauteed shrimp blow up with cayenne and habanero.


Housed in a distinctly chill Coronado cottage without a tip of pretention or ego, Bri (rhymes with pie) slings an ever-changing collection of little, innovative plates, many of them created in a South African-style grill over live coals. Frico caldo, Italian pan-fried cheese and potato cakes, sport a beautiful lacy crisp and a dollop of tomato relish. Tender, charred pork ribs are laced with fermented crisped shallots and black beans, while slow-roasted duck breast gets a topping of crisp chile sauce.


Look, never ever mind the uncomfortable name or the truth that I’m putting Chicago pizza on a list of dining establishments in Phoenix. Fact is, Buddyz makes a much better deep meal than many of the joints back home, and I consist of the huge, cherished jerks like Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s and Gino’s East. A thick, crispy crust gets a none-too-subtle (however not frustrating) puddle of melty cheese and a crown of brilliant, chunky tomato sauce, experienced simply so and spruced up with the requisite punch of dried herbs.